Swillington Village Councillors

The disclosure of pecuniary interests forms that each serving councillor must complete can be found on the Leeds City Council site here. Read the DPI Regulations here

The Code of Conduct applies to all Swillington Village Councillors. Our Councillors must follow these principles: selflessness, honesty, objectivity, accountability, openness and leadership. 

The number of councillors a village council may have is determined by the number of citizens there are on the electoral register. In Swillington's case the number of village councillors is nine.


Staffing Committee

The staffing committee is appointed to make decisions about all staffing matters. 

Its members are:
Cllr Jake Knox (Chair)
Cllr Neil Bramma
Cllr Lavina Lewin 

Finance Committee

The finance committee is appointed to form part of the Council's internal financial controls and, in partnership with the Clerk, to regulate and generally supervise the Council's finances.

Its members are:
Cllr Jake Knox (Chair)
Cllr Neil Bramma 
Cllr Gill Crossley-Rudd
Cllr Ben Musther
Cllr Harriet Sissons 

Events Committee

The events committee is appointed to make decisions about events matters and to work as a team in scheduling, planning and preparing local events. 

Its members are:
Cllr Harriet Sissons (Chair)
Cllr Neil Bramma (Vice-Chair)
Cllr Gill Crossley-Rudd
Cllr Leanne Cummings
Cllr Angela Fox
Cllr Elizabeth Howson
Cllr Jake Knox 

Ward Councillors, Member of Parliament

Suzanne McCormack

Ward Councillor

22 Church Street
LS25 1HD

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Cllr Mark Dobson

Ward Councillor

24 Beech Grove Avenue
LS25 1EF


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Cllr Sarah Field

Ward Councillor


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Mr Alec Shellbrooke

Member of Parliament

The Palace of Westminster