St Mary's Church

The Church of St Mary Swillington built late 14C or early 15C is Grade ll listed. The most striking external feature is the contrast between the dark tower and the creamy yellow of the rest of the church, the tower was rebuilt in 1883/84 with ashlar stone quarried in Harehills, a suburb of Leeds.

The Venerable Thomas Dealtry M.A. formerly Archdeacon of Madras and Rector of the Parish 1872-1878 is credited with the introduction of the custom of throwing confetti over the bride and groom at a wedding; apparently the practice originates in the Hindu custom where the bridegroom throws 3 handfuls of rice over his bride & she does the same to him, as a symbol of fertility. The custom, with the rice being substituted by confetti was introduced in Swillington by Dealtry.

St Marys Church